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Experience In Holistic Natural Health Coaching For Optimal Wellness

In today’s world, overwhelm and anxious feelings run high, there isn’t enough time in the day to prioritize health, nor enough money in the bank account to create a life of freedom. Is there a better way to care for yourself and those you love? There is! And in our holistic, natural health coaching practice we’ve helped thousands of people like you gain optimal wellness and unlock an energetic, joyful life fueled by the very best that 100% natural wellness has to offer. Are you ready to take back your life? Come along with us and you’ll experience what’s possible.



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Holistic, Natural Wellness - Our Areas of Expertise

About Us

For over a decade, we have provided holistic, natural health coaching to help our clients reach their optimal wellness goals.

Center Point Wellness is a family-owned and operated business, founded in 2017, by certified holistic health coaches and Reiki Masters, Ryan and Beth Phillips. As holistic natural health and wellness coaches, their mission is to serve their community with alternative practices and modalities, tailored to each individual’s optimal wellness journey.

Holistic Natural Health Coaching for Optimal Wellness

What Our Clients Say

Experience the impact of our holistic, natural health coaching

“This past year I have gone through some huge unexpected life changes. Beth has been instrumental in helping me process and work through extremely challenging times. Her ability to meet me where I was at and casting no judgment, simply, truly wanting to help me was everything. Her knowledge and compassion are magnetic. Working with her has been like unlocking and clearing out some blocked passages in my body I didn’t realize existed and were keeping me from healing mentally, physically, and emotionally. Through every meeting, I’ve left more empowered, informed, and feeling like I can handle what life throws my way because she’s given me the tools to not only understand what it is I’m feeling, but how to move through those feelings in order to become the best version of myself.” – L. Jacobs

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Holistic Natural Health Coaching for Optimal Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Supporting the holistic well-being of your staff through today’s ever-shifting landscape can be easier than you think. Gain access to our vault of incomparable resources and experience. Explore working with a holistic corporate wellness consultant.

Center Point Wellness

For Professionals

If you own a business and you’re looking for an additional stream of income, let’s book a call. We can help you increase your revenue with multiple streams of income.


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